WatchOtaku : OWC MS-9411

Orange Watch Company MS-9411

(Image credit Dan Fock)


The OWC MS-9411 is another tribute (ISO, in the spirit of) watch from Dan Fock at OWC. Again using the Submariner case, the dial and hands are modeled after the Tudor 9411 in the 'snowflake' style. Upgrades from the 5517 include a ceramic bezel, anti-reflective coatings on the sapphire crystal, and an optional blue dial.

(Image credit: Dan Fock)

As with the 5517, the 9411 is in the spirit of another watch. In this case, it's the super rare Tudor 9411. You can read more about Tudor on this page, but briefly it's Rolex's lesser-priced brand, and most of their watches are are less well known and strongly resemble their Rolex cousins. (Often the difference is the movement; the Tudors use ebauches from other companies such as ETA.)

Here's the Tudor 9411:

(Image credit: WatchesToBuy)

and the 9411 on the bracelet:

(Image credit: Dan Fock)


Specs on the original Tudor

(from this one for sale)

  • ETA 2874 movement
  • 39.5mm by 13.5mm
  • 28,800 vph


Standard packaging is the cool and useful Pelican micro 1020 case.


The snowflake hands took me a bit to get used to, but I think I like the combo. And I love the ceramic bezel and AR-coated crystal. The look of blue dial/black bezel is quite attractive.

Can't wait for this one to ship!