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Initial impression reviews

For that "just out of the box for a couple days" initial impressions.

First impressions

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    IWC Aquatimer preview and Marinemaster comparison (WatchOtaku) — A quick comparison of the IWC Aquatimer and Seiko SBDX001.
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    Precista PRS3 (WatchOtaku)

    Impressions so far:

    • Millimeters and grams count - although this is only a bit larger and heavier than the OWC MS-5517 rev 1, it seems much bulkier.
    • Lume is so-so, better than the gen-one 5517 but not good enough.
    • Timekeeping so far is excellent, consistently 11s/day, which should be easy to adjust.
    • I love the date at six - blends in magnificently.
    • A black second hand on a black dial is a total lose and damn near invisible.
    • The hand lengths are good
      • Second hand reaches out to the outer edge of the track
      • Minute hand likewise
      • Hour hand just skims the inner edge of the hour markers.
    • Too much white ink on the dial; impression is busy visually.
    • Easy to read at most angles and lighting conditions
    • Well-protected crown
    • Goes well under cuffs, could use a bit of profile help here though.
    • My first 60-click bezel in a while. A minor annoyance.
    • The crown itself is a bit slippery.
    • Good bracelet, though I'd prefer a Push button clasp instead of friction.

    Overall so far:

    • Good but not great. Still holding out for the improved 5517. Full review to follow!
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    OWC MS-9411 (WatchOtaku)

    The OWC MS-9411 is another tribute (ISO, in the spirit of) watch from Dan Fock at OWC. Again using the Submariner case, the dial and hands are modeled after the Tudor 9411 in the 'snowflake' style. Upgrades from the 5517 include a ceramic bezel, anti-reflective coatings on the sapphire crystal, and an optional blue dial.

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