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Initial impression reviews

For that "just out of the box for a couple days" initial impressions.

First impressions

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    Precista PRS3 (WatchOtaku)

    Impressions so far:

    • Millimeters and grams count - although this is only a bit larger and heavier than the OWC MS-5517 rev 1, it seems much bulkier.
    • Lume is so-so, better than the gen-one 5517 but not good enough.
    • Timekeeping so far is excellent, consistently 11s/day, which should be easy to adjust.
    • I love the date at six - blends in magnificently.
    • A black second hand on a black dial is a total lose and damn near invisible.
    • The hand lengths are good
      • Second hand reaches out to the outer edge of the track
      • Minute hand likewise
      • Hour hand just skims the inner edge of the hour markers.
    • Too much white ink on the dial; impression is busy visually.
    • Easy to read at most angles and lighting conditions
    • Well-protected crown
    • Goes well under cuffs, could use a bit of profile help here though.
    • My first 60-click bezel in a while. A minor annoyance.
    • The crown itself is a bit slippery.
    • Good bracelet, though I'd prefer a Push button clasp instead of friction.

    Overall so far:

    • Good but not great. Still holding out for the improved 5517. Full review to follow!

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