WatchOtaku : Pelican micro 1020

The Pelican company has a long history of making very cool waterproof cases. To quote Jason Lim on his blog:

To the uninitiated (read: my wife), there is nothing exciting in the least about a very tough plastic box that will keep stuff dry and protected. Consider, however, the fact that this "box" features a rubberized o-ring gasket and an automatic pressure relief valve with a Gore-tex membrane that helps prevent, it becomes clear that the Pelican officially qualifies as GEAR. High RPM automobiles, charred meat, gear = cool (not being facetious...these are actually things that warm my heart).

Here's the case, this one is from OWC:


Roughly 3x5" inside, snap latch, very cute. Useful for kayaking, perhaps, and I have to agree with Jason that it's perfect case for a dive watch, more functional than a fancy wooden box any day.

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