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A bracelet is a segmented metal construct to hold a watch on your wrist. Bracelets are often overlooked when evaluating a watch, but as you can see there's significant options and things to look for. As they often determine the (dis)comfort of wearing a watch, a bit more time is a good investment.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Versatile, style-wise.


  • Fixed length can be uncomfortable, as your wrist enlarges in warm weather
  • Often a pain to get sized just right, requires special tools to resize.
  • Expensive, usually adding $100 or more to the price of a watch. What's more, matching the end links is often an epic quest if you get a third-party bracelet.
  • Often flashier and more attention-getting. I consider this a negative, but if you want an attention-getting watch, feel free to disagree.

There are many, many styles of bracelet:

For example, here's an Oyster-style bracelet on a Seiko:

and many, many variations and options:

For example, here's a Citizen dive watch, titanium, with SEL, solid links, pin and collar attachment, no micro adjustments, Diver extension, push button release with flip lock, no half links, and standard lugs:

See also strap.

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