WatchOtaku : Tudor Pelagos strap and bracelet

This how-to is for other Tudor Pelagos owners who want to do their own strap and bracelet changes. The Pelagos has tricky, deep-drilled lugs, so some special tools and information are helpful, if not essential.

Step-by-step guide

Head over to Otto Frei (or other source) and buy a Bergeon 6825-PF. Make sure its the PF version, the regular is too wide for the Pelagos. $169, expensive but the right tool for the job. Will work just as well with other watches too, and I particularly recommend it for expensive ones you don't want to scratch. Looks like this:

The manual:

Here we go:

Other tools in my strap and bracelet kit: Pin vise, soft mallet, Bergeon spring bar tool, high-quality flat blade screwdrivers.

The Tudor bracelet comes off pretty easily, though I wasn't able to photograph the process due to a lack of free hands. Sorry about that.

Off to try a canvas strap:

Regimental red (i.e. purple), black or blue? I went with blue.



Bergeon is the Mac Tools or Snap-On of this market: Expensive but well made. There are likely to be less expensive copies of this tool available, but I do this often enough to not mind the expense. The 6825 has replaceable bits, and works well for most watches, I recommend buying one.