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How did he do that?

One of the major goals of Watch Otaku is to really measure things when posting a review. Don't just say that lume was 'good', measure it over time and post the plot! And the data! So this is the parent page for sub-projects on

  1. Measure luminosity - how bright? How long?
  2. Measure movement performance - how well does it keep time?
  3. Simple stuff - Measure size and weight
  4. Get ultra-accurate absolute time for measuring the performance of quartz and radio-set watches.

There are also the 'someday-I-hope' projects:

  1. Using XRF to scope out cases, materials and coatings. I suspect we'd learn a lot rather quickly.
  2. Teardowns to see the internals and opine about them.
  3. If anyone's interested, measure button force.

Feel free, if any of these inspire you, to head over to the Donation page!

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