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RGM 151P

Seller's pictures:

(Image credit: drster on WUS)

ETA 2892, top or chronometer grade:

(Image credit: drster on WUS)

Lume looks decent, if sparse:

(Image credit: drster on WUS)

(Image credit: drster on WUS)

(Image credit: drster on WUS)

(Image credit: drster on WUS)


(See this page for details and software)


  • 9.5mm by 38.5mm
  • 5.3mm crown
  • 20mm lugs

Acquisition details

  • New price appx $2450
  • Price $1250, asked, traded for the Stowa plus $350.
  • Discounted/gift/loan? Used
  • Vendor drster (Mark Tannenbaum) on WUS


  • Date acquired 12/28/10
  • Date sold: 7/23/2014, got $1100 net to me, $1158 gross. Lost more than you think, since that included an expensive RGM bracelet and new dial/hand set.

Quick notes and overall review

Finally found an affordable used RGM, from their Pilot line. ETA 2892 movement, nice white-on-black hands, no date (alas), 38mm of sporty dress watch on an alligator band.

Interestingly, drster was also selling an IWC Spitfire, from their flieger line, with the same movement (IWC 30110). That one was an extra thousand dollars, for similar condition! Quite the brand premium for IWC vs RGM.

Note that the used price is half the new; surprisingly poor value retention. Look for a used one, or be prepared to lose on reselling.


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