WatchOtaku : Stowa Marine Original Limited edition II

Stowa Marine Original Limited Edition II

Acquisition details

  • $1460, sole price from watchbuys. Exclusive US dealer.
  • Discounted/gift/loan? Nope.
  • Vendor


  • Ordered June 2009, arrived 11/11/09
  • Sold 12/23/10 to drster (Mark Tannenbaum) on WUS, for an RGM 151P. $900, ouch. These have not held value very well.

Quick notes and overall review

She's a beauty. Minimal, clean and elegant.

By way of comparison, the visually identical Dornblueth 99.0 is $3640, so the Stowa is actually a pretty good deal. Though the ETA 6498 is quite a bit nicer in the Dornblueth, is it 2k nicer?



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