WatchOtaku : OWC MS-5517 mid 2012

OWC MS-5517 (mid 2012)

Note the total lack of reflection from the crystal - the AR coatings from 2geeks are spectacular indeed.

Acquisition details

  • Price $705 (appx, custom watch. Probably closer to $900.)
  • Discounted/gift/loan? Yes, work in kind and also for review. See below please.
  • Vendor OWC (Dan Fock)


  • Date acquired May 30 2012


Dan is a friend of mine and has been for years. I've done reviews and promoted his watches, and have also done quite a bit of work on his website for him, sent him my Christopher Ward C11 Automatic, etc, etc. There's no way I can be unbiased with OWC reviews; I am a fan.

Quick notes and overall review

The latest 5517 from Dan. This one was in the works for over a year, due to his vendor struggles and my request for dual-sided AR coatings on the crystal. Soprod A-10, Oyster bracelet with screwed and threaded links, solid end links, ceramic bezel with lume, 300m case, just a spectacular watch. Reviews and comparisons pending!


5517.jpg (image/jpeg)