WatchOtaku : Grand Seiko SBGE001


This is the Grand Seiko SBGE001, acquired in February of 2016 from sriswit on WUS. You probably know the specs already, but to recap:

  • Spring Drive cal 9R66
    • 72 hour power reserve (with dial indicator)
    • Jump-set hour hand (travel GMT)
    • +- 1 second per day, +- 15 seconds per month. In wearing it, I get +- 5 seconds per month. Superb.
    • 30 jewels
    • GMT hand
    • Date function
  • Sapphire bezel
    • Underside lume (like my IWC Aquatimer 2000 ref 3568)
    • Bidirectional, 20 minutes per click
    • Odd hours marked on the bezel, even hours in the rehaut - neat little detail
  • 43.5mm by 14.7mm, 21mm lugs
  • Stainless steel case, solid case back with engraved GS lion
  • Screwdown crown at 4 o'clock
  • Double-domed sapphire crystal with their best anti-reflective coatings, which GS calls "High definition"
  • Water resistant to 200m (the only non-diver GS with this rating)
  • Magnetism resistant to 4800A/m or 60 gauss
  • Lumed dial (3/6/9/12, dot at 12 on the rehaut) and bezel, also super unusual for GS

The Story

In Feb of 2016, I bought the SBGE001 from GS-collector sriswit as I explained on my Glashutte Original Sport Evo GMT post-mortem. So why am I selling it? THIS:

That's the SBGE033. It has the same 9R66 movement as the SBGE001, but with a few differences that I like enough to make it worth the hassle of selling my 001:

  • It's smaller. While no one makes large watches as comfortable as Seiko, I'm trending towards smaller, and going from 43.5 to 41mm while losing a couple mm in height should help.
  • MOAR LUME. The 033 as lume at all of the hour markers, not just 3/6/9/12. And I do love lume.
  • Display case back. I like them.
  • A bit more style - green is a bold color, to be sure, but I think I'll like that.
  • A bit dressier with the bezel fixed. I only used my SBGE001 bezel once, memorably, to track Bangalore time for a teleconference, so I can probably cope with the functional loss.
  • Still 100m water resistant with a screw-down crown, so I don't have to baby it.

Anyway, that's why I'm selling: I can't afford to own two 9R66 Grand Seikos!

What's it worth?

I paid $3700 for it (the SBGE001), and this price research graph from the Govberg iOS app shows the current data (click for larger): 

Why Less than the Goverb Price?

They show it as $3846 to $4256 for a private sale. sriswis was super candid with me that he had worn it quite a bit and that the bracelet was scratched up, so it was worth less than the Govberg data and my own price research. After having it 9 months, I've also worn it so the price needs to go down a bit more. In the interests of completeness, I contacted Seiko to ask what a case refinish would cost, they are not cheap:

So there's that. I would also encourage you to do your own price research: I search ebay's 'completed listings' as well as WatchRecon, TimeZone and WatchUSeek.

Price, terms and shipping

I am asking $3400 net to me. This includes all three boxes, all bracelet links and the GS hang tag. I have PayPal already, other methods negotiable. I ship using ParcelPro, as one of the few that will insure watches in transit, and for CONUS I'll ship 2-day; other locations will need to cover my costs. 

Interested? Send me mail.

Pictures, taken to show as clearly as possible the state of the case and bracelet.

Click for super-large version!


gs-large-35.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-30.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-31.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-32.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-33.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-34.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-28.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-29.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-26.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-27.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-25.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-23.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-24.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-22.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-20.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-21.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-18.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-19.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-17.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-15.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-16.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-13.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-14.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-11.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-12.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-10.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-8.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-9.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-6.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-7.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-3.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-4.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-5.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-2.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-1.jpg (image/jpeg)
2016-11-23 05.16.31.png (image/png)
Screenshot 2016-11-23 05.17.57.png (image/png)
GS2.jpg (image/jpeg)
gs-large-3.jpg (image/jpeg)