WatchOtaku : Prometheus Ocean Diver

Prometheus Ocean Diver PMTODN

Acquisition details

  • Price 339 Euros
    • Paid 100 Euros (146$)
  • Discounted/gift/loan? Yes, for WatchReport
  • Vendor Prometheus


  • Date acquired 1/10
  • Repaired 4/10 (hour hand got misaligned, free repair)
  • Sold 9/6/10. $310, on WUS

Quick notes and overall review

One of the better review surprises I've had. I contacted Prometheus, and they offered a steep discount. It's been glued to my wrist since then! It was only displaced by the IWC, which also required more fundraising. A killer deal on an internal-bezel diver of supercool design.


DSCF1644.JPG (image/jpeg)