WatchOtaku : Ocean7 LM2-AD

Ocean7 LM2-AD

This is the new (as of July 2012) LM2-AD:

Acquisition details

  • List price: $549 Paid $353 (half price on watch plus leather strap and titanium buckle)
  • Discounted/gift/loan? Yes indeed, for review on ABR but when it arrived I asked to buy it. The same day. It's that good.
  • Vendor: Ocean7


  • Date acquired:July 2012
  • Date sold: August 2013 (Kane Gin, $425)

Quick notes and overall review

 Larger than my usual preference at 44mm, its somehow fantastic anyway. Titanium, with a superclear sapphire crystal, super light and a delight to wear. I also bought (full list price) the matching LM2 titanium bracelet.


lm2ad-.jpg (image/jpeg)