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The 175 is a classic. Two-register, quite old (the design dates to 1940) and boasting of many, many descendants. For example, the Omega 321 used in the moon watch is based on the Venus 183.

Look for it and you'll see the Y-shaped cock everywhere.

(Image credit: TimeZone)

(Image credit: Bidfun)

The Seagull ST-19 is basically identical, and here's the CAD drawing for that:

(Image credit: Giovino)


Notes from Bidfun on the others in the family:

175: base plate with bevelled edge
176: base plate plain
178: hour counter
179: split second
183: date, hour
184: date, moon phase, hour
185: split second, hour
190: split second, date, moon phase, hour

See also

  • The Seagull ST-19 is based on the 175, same thing with the rate increased to 21,600 vph.

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