WatchOtaku : Seiko quartz chrono

Seiko quartz chronograph/alarm

Exact model unknown, probably 7t32 movement.

Acquisition details

Bought December 1999, as a graduation gift for BS from UNM, from my family and Chris. Approximate price $225 at Costco. Perhaps my first nice watch. 


  • Bought Dec 1999, graduation present (BS) for me from my wife-to-be and family.
  • None

Quick notes and overall review

Sibling Charles described it as "Kind of a 'city of lost children' vibe" and I have to agree. It took eleven elapsed years to get the degree, so this is of immense personal value to me and I'll never sell it. Worn all through grad school, first real job at Fermilab, masters exams, interviews... Many memories.


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