WatchOtaku : Postmortem of the Halios Holotype

Today I sold my Halios Holotype to a fellow otaku from Paris. As my very first donated watch, it had a lot of associated guilt, as well as the memories of wearing it non-stop for a three week trip to Britain. Good times indeed.

(It was also my largest post to ABR, a site I hope to contribute to again.)

And Jason Lim is truly one of the Good Guys in the watchmaking business, so I waited a long time, even though I just wasn't wearing it. I'm at a desk almost all the time these days, and am therefore looking more for smaller and lighter watches. Even my Seiko SBDX001 'Marinemaster' is up for grabs, which I never expected.

Anyway, enough rambling.

Things I liked

  • Killer, killer bracelet. The Artego looks like a copy, but either way it's a great match to the watch.
  • Bright, cheerful yellow face. Uncluttered, yet not spartan, devoid of logo.
  • Bank-vault bezel. Perfect click.
  • Good level of cost/quality/durability. In other words, you can whack it into a doorframe, and not worry about the instant depreciation or whether or not you've damaged it. You didn't.

Things I disliked

  • Too tall:
    • Flops around too much on the wrist when active. A bummer for bike riding.
    • Vertical sides always catch on cuffs.
  • Too heavy, and with the tallness it feels heavier.
  • Still not Superluminova-grade lume, although it's pretty darn good.
  • Non-hacking Miyota 8215. A good choice, but I want more accuracy and hacking.
  • Non-AR-coated crystal. Picky, this one.
  • Lastly, I would prefer a black minute hand as well; more visible in low light.

Overall? A great watch, and a fabulous value, but just too big for me to enjoy with the current lifestyle. I hope it's more loved with its new owner in Paris!