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  • Financial Times 'Glashutte: Hand of history at centre of horology'. Really good post, places GO in context of other brands and also talks about the impact of place on industry. "Glashütte Original slots in just a tiny notch lower, occupying the same premium bracket as Swatch Group’s Breguet and Blancpain brands."
  • Review of GO Senator PanoData moon phase has a nice discussion of the dropped sport lines: "The discontinuation of the rugged Sports Evo and Senator Navigator and Aviator lines disappointed many enthusiasts. These watches gave collectors the ability to own a handsome rugged sports watch from a luxury manufacturer (that option still remains from Breguet, AP, VC and others). The Sports Evo and Navigator if kept in production may have taken their place amongst other luxury sport watches. The facts are that Glashutte Original makes fantastic watches made by hand with dependable reliable and beautifully finished in house movements. They only make very few watches each year and in order to continue to deliver a quality product must limit the amount of references they have available. This could be part of the reason for discontinuing their sport models."
  • The Watch Snob likes the brand quite a lot: "In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value-per-dollar brand in the entire horological universe. Glashutte Original is probably the best thing the entire Swatch Group has going right now, and nobody seems to care. ... simply a less expensive A. Lange & Sohne, which it is. But you know what? An imitation Lange is still better than a real Breitling, Omega or Rolex."
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