WatchOtaku : Bulbul Pebble

Pebble reference P04

Acquisition details

  • Price: 2550 DK, appx $450USD
  • Discounted/gift/loan? Yes, for review on
  • Vendor: Bulbul


  • Date acquired Fall 2013
  • Date sold: 4/1/16

Quick notes and overall review

 There aren't many minimal quartz watches I'd recommend. This one makes the grade. Subtle, well made, legible, wearable and just a bit of notice-me detail in the shape and strap keeper. A cool watch where they didn't cheap out on the materials or movement. Like the Marvin M125, this went to a wedding and never came back; the co-workers wife quite loved the design.


bulbul-pebble-04-7.jpg (image/jpeg)