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Services (free, registration required) is an email-based service that I've been using since my old Blackberry 857. You send an email to with a command, and it emails you back an answer. Really useful stuff like
and many others. Please donate if you do use this service.

Seat Guru Moble

If you travel very much, you've probably already found the SeatGuru website. They have the best information around when choosing seats on a plane. They've now launched Mobile SeatGuru, which loads and displays nicely on the web browser. Travel smarter. Free.

Blackberry Extra

This is a poorly advertised service of RIM itself. They've got supercool SVG graphics, free programs (a couple of good games), news, weather and all sorts of stuff. You'd think they'd advertise it. Blackberry Extra is worth bookmarking. Free.

Other links and reference sources

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